Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring or Sprint

So today's blog has got to be one of the best moments in man kind where we all stand back and say oh yes we did evolve from apes. Sure enough like all the blogs Ive posted in the past this one is %100 accurate and believe it or not this happens all the time. Again to Clarify to all who are to lazy to read the intro we are a Spring at&t authorized retailer. not Verizon, nor sprint,nor t-mobile. now with that being said i think you might know where I'm going with this :)

it was a great Friday afternoon birds singing and chirping. adults and kids laughing. I was at work but not working as usual. I had a customer come in. dun dun dun......

I begin to start talking to the customer. He then begins to ask some questions. customer " hey i bought my phone not to long ago i want to see if it is within the 30 days?" Me "OK sir what is your first name. sake of argument he said "bond James bond" "yes i know I'm a dork" I began to look his name up under retail iq " system that we ring out customer at pos" but I couldn't find his name in retail iq. I asked him for his number. He gave it to me and told me the number was from Kentucky. "instantly I thought ohhhh boy red neck. "this will be fun" as I try to pull his number up in at&t's system I start to ask for his zip code and then i ask for the last 4 of his ssn. Which neither of them worked. I begin to ask more question like is the account under your wife's name? Or perhaps your family members info? OK i know what your thinking wheres this going? but this is the kicker. James looks me straight in the eye and says "oh shit is this not sprint?" I look at him kind of in disbelief. ( OK now let me give you a background. As you walk into the store you see above the door " Spring at&t authorized dealer" as you walk through the door you little signs at&t authorized dealer" not only that you have to walk over a floor mat that says at&t authorized dealer. To top it all off as you come into the store you see a big @ss sign that has the at&t globe on it underneath that in big @ss letters at&t authorized retailer. Now I can sort of forgive the man. I mean we all can't read right? Its over rated anyways but the fact that our store is all orange and black aka at&t signature colors. So anyone who mistakes a yellow sprint store for a bright @ss att store I mean that is just so far beyond me.) Back to the story.... He tries to play it off. oh man just kidding I got att don't worry about. I then ask to see his phone simply because we can do a imei tracking on it to see where it was bought. but Mr.Bond refuses to show me his phone. saying oh its ok man don't worry about it I didn't need the help anyways and heads out the door. after this happened I stood there and was in deep thought just like David was in deep thought before he slayed Goliath. just like doc thought of how he could make the flux Capacitor work with out the fuel. just like Tony Hawk stood in thought before he attempted the 900....... as I turn away from the doors and start to walk in the back the wind blows in my hair and my clothes. The hero song plays slowly and softly trumpets start to play taps. because that is how I roll I'm on the front lines of the world most challenged people. I take the bullets of words and stupidity that sting my soul and heart. As you get to stay home reading these words in the comfort of your fire at home. drinking your hot chocolate with your soul mate. this Erik reporting out.......

So blog question of the day is, Have you ever gone into a store thinking it was a different store or location? and if so give a brief review of what happened and how you felt.

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