Saturday, January 9, 2010

What the......

As you all of you know by now i work for spring which is a retailer for att. And as you all know the generation of kids and adults these days aren't the sharpest kids on the block. Like I said in previous post I feel it is my duty to bring these stories to you as they happen with a fun side to them. working in the cell phone era and with the amount of people that have a cell phone is a good thing simply because it makes me money :). Now one thing that helps out with the fact that people need new phones is the fact that they have lost,broken or have even had the opportunity of having some one so desperate that they need to steel a phone. I know what your thinking. "oh yeah man i have had that happen to me before" most of the time it does. 1 out of 4 people will have there phone lost or have it broken this year. With further adue i bring you my first actually story that i will post.

( There will be no first names in stories)

I had the opportunity to work with a customer that gave me one of the best stories i have ever heard about a phone. Mr. Pribyl had come into my store about 6 months prior to today. Mr. Pribyl is a young guy maybe in his early 20s. seemed like a smart fella till he started talking. I had him interested in a few phones talking about how great they are and what he is wanting in a certain phone. I ended up getting Mr. Pribyl a LG phone. and assured him that it is Fairly durable since I have sold it to construction workers in the past and they have loved the phone since it has ben able to stand up to the beating which they have given it. Now at spring we offer a 3rd party insurance company called protect cell now it does exactly what it says. It's an insurance that will cover the phone from water damage,lost,stolen or any other type of damage. Now at spring it is part of our sales approach to offers this.I offered the protect cell to Mr.pribyl but he had turned it down and said he would not use it. " I know what your thinking" " Oh i know where this story is going" you see you might be right but i bet your not even close for this story....

Today as i was working and trying to figure out a good story to hit the blog with. In comes Mr. Pribyl. Now I recognized him and smiled and started talking with him "catching up" He then began to ask about that LG phone that i had sold him. Then it happened the story of the day. He pulled his phone and I looked at it. "wow you trashed that phone" Then he " yeah i know man isn't it great" He starts to chuckle " I dropped it out of my car on the freeway" Now let me take a second back up and read that again. He said " he dropped it out of his car while driving on the freeway"...... Now how does this work? first thing that went through my head was was he trying to see if it would bounce? or was he trying to get his phone some fresh air? and then i started thinking was he trying to dump trash and accidentally kicked out the phone with the door being open or something. See now i didn't know what to think. As he began to tell the story I stood there in total amazement not sure what to assume or think. He had told me that as he was driving to salt lake it was a good October evening nice and cool so he decided to roll the window down to save on gas from the ac. Now it has been proven that with both windows down the car uses as much gas as if they ac was on high simply because of the drag on the car that it takes from the air. As he was driving he had received a phone call " again my first thought was how could you hear the phone ring with the sound of of car driving with the window down? He then told me that he picked up and began talking. " now lets take a second he is driving on the freeway roughly around the speeds of 65-70mph with the window down. he hears his phone ring and picks it up to talk with the wind blowing hard and in his ear he still manages to talk on the phone and hold a full conversation with his girlfriend without rolling his window up. Then it Finlay happens. He began to tell me that as he was driving he had stuck his hand out the window to feel the air while he was still holding the phone. " what I would like to know is when this happened what made him think that this could ever possible be a good idea" while he was sticking his hand out the window the wind started to blow a little harder forcing his hand to drop the phone and slamming against the cold hard concrete and skidding across the highway for a few feet. He then stops on the far left lane where the emergency vehicles are only aloud. He gets out of his car and runs back to retrieve his phone. Now some how the phone did not break but did receive a ton of scratches scrapes and gouges. I tell you this story not to make fun of anyone but seriously a phone durable or not sticking it out the window on the freeway? Come on now. That is beyond me that is for sure.

So blog the question of the day is. What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to any of your electrical devices and how? Leave your comments below.
In the worlds of Ron Burgundy " good evening. I'm Ron Burgundy and here's what happening in your world of cell phones tonight......

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  1. Dude wayyy better than my APX story with Adam sticking his finger down a dog's mouth :)