Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Utah's got talent

So today's blog is actually going to be a little different than usually. Unlike the others ones where we spot the most awful of all customer's. I'm making a twist to this one. In light of American idol being out and getting good reviews. Of coarse the fact that i do nothing but joke around and find new ways to have fun at work. I decided to go with it. So with out trying to waste any more of your time. Here is the story of the magnificent spring idol...... It was roughly around 11 A.M. one Friday morning I was working by myself as usual. I had this customer walk in. Now let me paint the picture for you. Two guys walk in. They are both wearing purplish clothes. Now I know what most people think two guys come in together wearing purple, must be gay. OK America now listen. Just cuz two males in there early 20s come walking in with each other wearing purple doesn't make them gay.... It could have easily been purple pride day. or they just wanted to match. Fact of the mater is that they are from Wyoming here at uvu trying to recruit for there college. There college colors happen to be purple. I know what your thinking " bummer this was going to be a good one making fun of gay people". I know. Why are two dudes walking around the mall recruiting for the college dressed in purple. I begin to talk to the fellas and find out one of there names is Travis. Hes pretty cool. He has a pretty boy look going on here with his hair laid to the side like my mom used to do back in the 2nd grade. He had on a blue tie purple shirt and a suite jacket. Now I noticed that Mr. Travis was a future John Travolta when he started talking. Had a cocky presence about him. Talking with his fancy words and what not. We begin to discuss the reasons why he came in today. Well in fact the young lad is needing a new case for his i phone. So I instantly think sweet easy money. I take Mr. Travis over to the cases and have him start looking at the more manly cases and color insuring him that these are probably the Best case you can get for them since they are the most reliable case we have "pics below" he then tells me that he'll wait on a case and just get our screen protectors. The plot thickens....... So as I'm putting the screen protector on I then ask Travis the million dollar question. " Travis what are you majoring in at college" him " theatrical arts"..... Look at this a modern day Fred Astaire. I then proceed to poke more into the subject. Really that's cool so do you like sing or something. "oh yes I sing. iIalways perform think of me as an actor on Broadway". I'm thinking to myself this guy is nuts. Then as a dare. I smile. Listen, ill give you a free case if you sing for me and you have to let me record it for blog purposes? He says yes of coarse hes an actor he has to its an audition and it helps that he is poor college kid. We quickly decide on a song. Mr selafane from the musical Chicago. Little did I know this was his master piece that got him his full scholarship for college. " yes i posted it. video below" As he finished I go to grab the case he wanted but didn't want to spend $35 dollars on. I grab the blue one thinking that is what he wants. "Listen I'm kind of a god when it comes to Cell phones I know all and see all. I very rarely get anything wrong. and this time so happens to be a time where I'm wrong" he looks and me and says would it be to much to ask for the purple one "pics below" I look at the fella " are you sure" the fella " yeah of coarse, it will match my ensemble. I then look at him " alright man if you say so. I ring the fella out and as he signs his name he puts a flirting like thank you with a wink after his signature. now your telling me that that doesn't scream gay right? and that is when it hit me. the stuff that we are willing to do for free stuff is amazing. so blog the question of the day of coarse. What have you done for free stuff? and what would you do for a free cell phone accessory,free food,and a free car? in the words of Ron Burgundy. Baxter you ate the whole wheel of cheese..... Peace fools..........


  1. i sang the 5 dollar footlong song at a subway attempting to score me a free sub, when it ended up only getting me kicked out of the store....
    ps ur video doesn't work, repost please!